HND Yr1 LAN Technologies Assignment

HND Yr1 LAN Technologies Assignment

HND Yr1 LAN Technologies Assignment – Scenario

Recruitment Ltd

Recruitment Ltd has recently purchased a bank of computers for its business and the IT Infrastructure needs to be planned and implemented before the business opens. Recruitment Ltd will be an administration business and the desktops require constant connection to the server they are using.

Recruitment Ltd will require sufficient network data transfer speeds as not to impact the overall running of the network.

You have been tasked with providing a network solution to Recruitment Ltd. You must pick an appropriate LAN topology and identify any security concerns. Staff are allowed to bring in their own equipment for use during free time, but they can only connect them in the canteen, so policies should be put in place for security concerns.

A detailed diagram of the network infrastructure is required; Including the gateway device, host Machines, network devices, etc. Give reference to the Three Layer Hierarchical Model.

You are provided with a class C IP address of must be separated into different broadcast domains. This information should be presented in a table format detailing an IP allocation scheme. In addition they require a DHCP server to allocate IP addresses, they would benefit from a VLAN configuration.

You may utilise the remaining IP addresses for any services you may wish to add in.

Your tasks are to produce a network design and a detailed report for Recruitment Ltd

Task 1 (LO) 

Compare and contrast different LAN Technologies/Topologies and suggest the best for the given scenario. Also provide justification for your choice, your justification should include LAN concerns which are; security, performance and reliability.

Identify the bandwidth dependant services and provide a critical explanation to tackle network latency.

Task 2 (LO)

Design a LAN infrastructure for Recruitment Ltd, incorporating the three layer hierarchical model.

Evaluate different LAN components to improve the networks sustainability.

Task 3 (LO)

Produce a packet tracer file which shows a working LAN, this should be fully working with a minimum capacity for 32 networked devices.

Implement port security on the LAN switches.

Provide evidence of monitoring and troubleshooting.

Evaluate the performance of the LAN and document your results.


Includes: Paper, Visio diagram and a fully working Packet Tracer file simulating the proposed network.
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