ASSIGNMENT 2 –Wireless/Wired Network Security

ASSIGNMENT 2 –Wireless Wired Network Security

1. AIM of ASSIGNMENT 2 –Wireless/Wired

To foster abilities to work alone to investigate the past, current and emerging wireless security technologies, understand how the issues may be researched and appreciate the requirements of a formal report proposal.


On completion of the project, the student should:

  • Have a knowledge of the need to secure a wireless communications network;
  • Be familiar with the various methods that may be used to secure a wireless network;
  • Have the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of security methods for a wireless network;
  • Have the skills to produce a formal report for such a project;
  • Be able to choose the appropriate security measures for a given network installation;


There are many different methods in use today to secure a wireless network. Enterprise networks require a higher level of security and must take into account the diverse skills and uses of its users whereas a SOHO wireless network may need a less complex security model in terms of hardware, configuration or both.

You will work alone to plan and design two solutions to security in wireless networks and in wired networks to meet the specifications given below.

You will design one solution for an enterprise network e.g. a university showing the hardware and its topology. You need only show sufficient hardware to prove the concept. No actual configurations of individual devices need to be shown or given. Another design is for wired network.

You will design a second solution for small network e.g. home or small business showing the hardware and its topology. You need only show sufficient hardware to prove the concept. No actual configurations of individual devices need to be shown or given. Another design is for wired network.

Your topological design may be carried out using Packet Tracer 4.1 or Visio or any other suitable software. These diagrams will be your own and not copied from any other source.

You will produce a report that indicates the security strengths and weaknesses of the security technologies currently available. You will need to show the advantages and disadvantages of each technology that you have chosen. You should also try to describe at least one method by which the security method may be cracked or otherwise bypassed.

You need to justify both of the network solutions that you have given to show that your solution is appropriate to the threats that each of the networks may face.

You should also describe any emerging technologies that may be shortly available for securing wireless networks and their future applicability to the two networks that you have described.

You must not supply details of proprietary equipment when describing your solutions. This assignment is focussed on the security technologies rather than the hardware itself.


You will be presenting your project in a FORMAL REPORT. Your report will contain the following sections:

  • A critical comparison of available and emerging wireless security technologies;
  • A logical topology of the TWO networks showing all equipment and a brief estimate of security equipment costs;
  • A critique explaining your choices for each of the TWO network scenarios that explains your reasons for the choices that you have made;
  • Any other details that you consider pertinent to the security planning of your networks.

You must complete this assignment and submit it on Thursday 18th June 2015 together with a face-to-face presentation on the same day. Only softcopy is required. Extensions will NOT be granted less than 72 hours before the deadline.


Your design work must be in A4 format and typed. Only softcopy is required.


This assignment contributes 15% of the total marks for coursework.


Introduction   5%
Security technology review 15%
Security technology comparison 20%
Network topology diagrams 15%
Justification for technologies used 20%
Conclusion   5%
References and referencing   5%
Presentation; visual impact of work 15%
Total 100%
Style APA – Word count 1850 words
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