Case Study Scenario 1 Performance & Security

Case Study Scenario 1 Performance & Security

The Dead Duck Publishing Company has been experiencing significant problems with its IT infrastructure in recent months.

They have had a number of problems

  • Issues relating to response times between clients and servers.  At peak times, there have even been timeouts with web applications crashing.
  • On a number of occasions, all branch offices have experienced periods of complete downtime when core routers have crashed.  Access to the internet to send large print runs has been extremely problematic as well as the onsite print runs never seem to work properly.
  • Some very serious security developments have taken place in the past few months, the company’s website has been compromised on several occasions, customer’s credit card records have been stolen from the back end customer database and most worrying of all, client’s intellectual property in terms of books and work has been copied in transit from regional branch offices.

The company has extensive plans to expand its operation from the UK to cover a number of major European cities as well increasing the number of sites to 12 in the very near future.  They are very worried the current model of resilient network will not be cost effective in the future.

The company also needs to set up performance and fault monitoring facilities so that they can determine when problems are occurring and what they need to do to resolve any problems found.

Dead Duck has its main office within Cambridge.  IT has 4 specific workgroups on site

Accounts, HR & Management                       80 users

Graphic Design                                               100 users

Publishing                                                       105 users

Consulting                                                       34 users


All storage, servers and applications are hosted on the Cambridge based Data Centre

At the moment, there are branch offices with 30 staff in each at London, Birmingham and Cardiff.

The Cambridge office is used to host a connection to the Internet via a Managed Ethernet Connection (Fast Ethernet) with an allocated address range of

As the organisation has connected to the Internet and will not be granted any more Public v4 IP addresses. The new network design must use a configuration to reflect this lack of addresses and utilise appropriate addressing through use of RFC1918 addresses

The network schematic of the existing network design will be made available on the VLE as a Packet Tracer file.  No configuration other than the logical topology will be included, however students should take note of how devices are connected.

Part 1 (1500 words) IT Infrastructure Design Document (worth 20% overall)

Produce a report which meets these guidelines:-

  • Document the numerous issues and problems with the current design  and how your new design will solve them
  • Propose and suitably justify an appropriate IT infrastructure which will overcome the poor design choices made in the existing infrastructure resulting in some of the problems that the client has been experiencing recently.
  • Use should be made of appropriate design models to give a uniform and scalable approach to the design.   Expansion capacity should also be a factor in any design decisions taken.
  • Develop a suitable addressing plan which will accommodate both current and future requirements in both the LAN & WAN and what addresses
  • Consider the implications of utilising private IP addressing
  • Consider the security issues which have been raised and how these could be mitigated against with improvements in the infrastructure both in the LAN, WAN and individual devices.
  • Consider the routing infrastructure necessary for site, inter-site and Internet connectivity and make recommendations accordingly
  • Consider the infrastructure management technologies you will use and why.
  • Any design choices made MUST be justified and supporting references used.
Report + PKT file
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