COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project Complete Solution

COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project Complete Solution


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1. COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project Schedule review

In week 1 and week 2 the planned Golden Bank Network Analysis and Design are done. The detailed analysis has been taken and the requirement for network components, tools and technologies have been identified according to optimal functional requirements of the banking system. The analysis of the network and systems for the Golden bank are performed on the basis of basic needs of the online banking systems, Latest requirements of the functions of online banking system, reviews of the requirements white papers, data speed of the network with different levels, researches reviews for the online banking system requirements. The analysed documentation has been performed under system and network specification document. The system and network specification taken for blueprint development of network and system layout for LAN and WAN for the Golden Bank Inland Tivoli. This blueprint is design of the network and system of the Golden Bank.

2.1 COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project Work completed


Activity # Description Date started Assigned to % complete
Analysis Detailed analysis for requirements of systems and Network components, tools and technology are identified. These all identified tools and technologies are taken to further define the layout and placement under the requirement specification. 27 Jul 2015 Member 1 Name 100%
 Design Detailed blueprint of layout of Golden Bank Networks and Systems for LAN, WAN for branch office, head quarter, backup office and operational centre are done. VPN criteria for external data security is taken with IPSec and tunnelling. 3   Aug 2015 Member 1 and Member 2 names 100%


The detailed analysis and design of the layout of local area network and wide area network with virtual private network are major tasks. Therefore, many web portal of online banking service provider banks are surfed for the basic need. The components and tools are identified with the help of Cisco framework.

2.2 COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project Any Issues

There are two issues faced in the phase of analysis and design of networks like LAN and WAN for various premises of Golden Bank. These two issues are as follows.

  • Analysis of network and systems for Golden Bank posed an additional requirement analysis of the security framework. The security aspects are interrelated with  network components. Therefore, alignment of tools and technologies  for high security of various entities are mixed with analysis and design to cope the security requirements.

Additionally, the components and tools are taken which have capability of both networking and security to enforce as per the requirements time to time while in working phase.

  • Identification of systems, tools and technologies were very important work which raised a problem such as perfect selection in collaboration of the banking framework. This requires the involvement of banking official to  determine the security needs and compatibility of the devices and tools with the need of security for Golden Bank.

2. COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project Risk review

There is not any new risk identified or existed at the stage of analysis and design of the systems and network layout of the Golden Bank LAN and WAN.

COIT20234 Advanced Network Security Project

Submission of Periodic Group Progress Report

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1.      Schedule Review
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2.      Risk Review 0.75
3.      Clarity of presentation (language and grammar) 0.75
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