CSC8507 Assignment 2 Complete Solution

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CSC8507 assignment 2


Part 1 (60%) Complete the following Packet Tracer exercise from the course web page. Submit the completed pka file.

Question 1
2_2.3.1 Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge Submit Q1.pka.

Question 2
2_5.4.1 Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge Submit Q2.pka.

Question 3
2_6.4.1 Packet Tracer – Configuring IPv4 Route Summarization – Scenario 1 Submit Q3.pka.

Question 4
2_6.4.2 Calculating and Configuring an IPv6 Route Summarization Submit Q4.pka.

Question 5
2_6.4.3 Packet Tracer – Configuring a Floating Static Route Submit Q5.pka.

Question 6
2_6.5.2 Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting VLSM and Route Summarization Submit Q6.pka.

Question 7
2_6.6.1 Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge Submit Q7.pka.

Question 8
2_7.3.1 Packet Tracer – Configuring RIPv2 Submit Q8.pka.

Question 9
2_7.3.2 Packet Tracer – Configuring RIPng Submit Q9.pka.

Question 10
2_9.4.2 Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge Submit Q10.pka.

Question 11
2_9.5.2 Packet Tracer – Configuring IPv6 ACLs Submit Q11.pka.

Question 12
2_10.3.1 Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge Submit Q12.pka.

Question 13
2_11.2.3 Packet Tracer – Implementing Static and Dynamic NAT Submit Q13.pka.

Question 14
2_11.2.4 Packet Tracer – Configuring Port Forwarding on a Wireless Router Submit Q14.pka.

Question 15
2_11.4.1 Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge Submit Q15.pka.

Part 2 (40%)

Question 16 (20%)

  • a) Using dot points, compare the advantages and disadvantages of legacy interVLAN routing and Router-on-a-Stick inter-VLAN routing.
  • b) USQ Data Centre has 12 servers and each server is on its own VLAN. As the network manager, will you implement legacy inter-VLAN routing or Router-on-a-Stick inter-VLAN routing to connect the servers and the rest of USQ? Present all your arguments in support of and against your choice.

Submit Q16.pdf.

Question 17 (20%)

  • a) What are the differences between NAT and port forwarding?
  • b) Your friend claim that there is no need for NAT in IPv6. Why?
  • c) Will port forwarding still a need for IPv6? Explain.

Submit Q17.pdf.

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