Emerging Network Technologies

Emerging Network Technologies

The Topic You will select a topic in one of the upcoming or emerging network technologies, examples of these were provided in the class (some suggested topics are at the end of this document). In the report and presentation, you should discuss the directions of the technology addressing some of the following and anything else that you find relevant.
o What lead to this technology?
o What are the other competing technologies if any?
o How is the technology addressing the requirements of the networking population or future networking requirements?
o What is its future?
o Will it evolve further – what do you think it will evolve into?
o Try to create and perform demonstration
o Description of the demonstration You are expected to speculate on the technology, critic its failings, highlights its advantages etc discuss on the various aspects broadly and intelligently.

Also, you are expect to demonstrate the concept in any form such as simulation, video, prototype, interviews, photos… etc. Difficult tasks such as simulation and prototype will earn more points than photos and video options. Presentation Guidelines Your presentation should try to address the above questions clearly and concisely. The time limit is 30 minutes (22-25 minutes talk + 3-5 minutes Q&A). Refer to Grading Policy for Report & Presentation on next page for more details. Report Guidelines The report should be at least 13-page (prefer additional pages) double-spaced paper and does not include any optional pages containing the references and/or diagrams. You must cite at least 6 sources which are not internet webpages (ie 5 technical papers from IEEE/ACM or other journals and conference proceedings).

Your report must meet the following specifications: 1. Double spaced 2. 11-point, Times Roman font 3. 1″ margin on sides and bottom, 1″ top margin 4. Documents referenced must be noted in the end under a “Reference” section. You may follow any standard format for the reference section.

5. The citation of your sources used for the paper and any diagrams referred in the paper.

Due Date for reports All reports are due on the beginning of week 15 by 11:59 pm (myCourses dropbox). Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Information Sciences and Technologies ENT Report and Presentation Guidelines Fall 20103 Guideline for organizing your Report 1. Introduction Under this section you should provide an introduction to the topic and briefly state the subsections and sub topics you will be covering subsequently.

Clearly state why you selected this topic and why it interests or challenges you. 2. Background This section should contain the history of the technology. How did they started? How did they come up with this technology? How did they motivate to improve the technology?

3. Body – could be several paragraphs These paragraphs will address major decisions issues and will include your understanding of the technology as obtained from the different sources, your opinion on the technology and its strength and weaknesses.

How well does it address requirements? What is the survey that you conducted indicate? What was the basis for your decisions? This section also includes a description of the demonstration.

The demonstration setup will be explained and describe how demonstration is performed. 4. Summary Summarize your thoughts and criticisms on the technology. Grading Policy for the report and presentation Your paper and presentation will be reviewed for depth of technical content, coherence, grammar, spelling, and adherence to the submission criteria specified above. Use the guideline given below to organize your material as you will be marked based on these guidelines.

The grading scheme is provided at the end. You are strongly encouraged to review the course syllabus, which references several web sites that can aid authors in avoiding plagiarism. When you submit your paper to turnitin.com it will automatically check your submissions for plagiarism. It uses both extensive web searches and a database of previously submitted papers for the comparison, and provides your instructor with an “originality report” on each item you submit. If the system flags your work, your instructor will investigate further to determine the reasons for flagging. The service does not grade you.

If there is any question about your work, your instructor will contact you directly to allow you an opportunity to explain. The table below gives the grading scheme Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Information Sciences and Technologies ENT Report and Presentation Guidelines Fall 20103 Item Points Good introduction 5 Overall coverage – addressing few important factors of the technology Content Depth-must cover your topic in-depth 20 Related documents and your opinion 15 Demonstration 30 Good and critical Summary 10 General organization of the material 5 Technical clarity in presentation/report flow 10 Within the specified length and adherence to format 5 Total 100 points


Suggested Topics: (These are just some suggestions. Your choice is not limited to these and can be on any emerging networking technology provided you obtain the permission of the instructor before working on it.) MobileIPv6 HMIP – Hierarchical MobileIP and PMIP – Proxy MobileIP Future Internet Technologies Fiber Channel over Ethernet Cellular Networks – 4th Generation Networks Smart grid networking 802.11n evolution Bluetooth, Infrared and other personal area networking technologies Wimax evolution Coexisting networking technologies Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Information Sciences and Technologies ENT Report and Presentation Guidelines Fall 20103 Airborne Networks Optical Networks Body Area Networks Seamless roaming Satellite Networks

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