Packet Tracer: Physical design and IP addressing principles


  • Design a (logical) network topology, including all the required host
  • devices, switches and routers and a suitable
    IP addressing scheme. Use the network address (This is actually a private address block – translation to globally routable addresses will be performed elsewhere, and you need not include this in your design.)
  • Implement the network in Packet Tracer and verify its correct operation.

packet tracer preview Physical design and IP addressing principles

 Your submission should include:

  • A brief report outlining and illustrating the proposed topology. Be sure to use proper technical English, and to state any assumptions made in the design process.
  • A Packet Tracer model (.pka) file, verifying the network’s functionality.

The marking scheme will be based on the following criteria:

  • Logical design and organization of PC workgroups and services and IP addressing scheme (35%)
  • Correct use of Packet Tracer in implementing and demonstrating the design (35%)
  • Documentation of design and implementation/testing (30%)
Grade Excelled Exceeded Expectations Met Expectations Below Expectations
100-85% 84-70% 69-55% 54-40%
Logical design and organization 35% Optimal positioning of workgroups, servers and routers. Good VLSM addressing scheme. Fairly good positioning of workgroups, servers and routers. Good FLSM scheme. Somewhat inefficient design, but with an adequate FLSM addressing scheme. Very inefficient design with a poor addressing scheme. .
Packet tracer implementation 35% Fully correct configuration of hosts and routers. Satisfactory operation. Mostly correct configuration of hosts and routers. Mostly satisfactory operation. Configuration partially correct. Some correct operation. Implemented but little or no demonstrable operation
30% Well-structured report, clearly articulating the design, in a good technical English style. Reasonably clear, well-structured report in a somewhat technical style of English. Somewhat clear and acceptable report in a non-technical English style. Borderline report with some lack of clarity in non-technical English.

Includes: Report, PKT file (PT6.1) + Logical Diagram
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