Given the Class C IPv4 network, create a subnet mask for 100 subnets

Given the Class C IPv4 network-SSL

  1. Write a brief summary of VPN that captures its key features. Include in your answer:
  • A statement of what it is
  • Brief explanation of SSL
  • Brief explanation of IPsec
  • Overview of encryption used
  • Comparison between IPsec and SSL

Each section above is worth 7 marks. Your answer should be no longer than 600 words.

Some of the marks will be awarded for referencing; you will find the OU guide to referencing academic work in the OU Harvard guide to citing references

  1. Given the Class C IPv4 network, create a subnet mask for 100 subnets with a maximum number of hosts in each. Identify the 63rd subnetwork and VLSM for a further 8 subnets. How many hosts will each new subnet support? You must assume subnet 0 is used.

Be sure to show all of your working.

  1. Routers and switches commonly use addresses that sit at two different layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. Identify the relevant layers and the addresses used at each layer, specifically on each device, giving one example of each.
  2. Using a table compare and contrast the following features of the two routing protocols OSPFv3 and EIGRP. Your table should include the following:
  • Type of routing protocol (2 marks)
  • Whether the protocol supports IPv6 (2 marks)
  • Is the routing protocol proprietary or open-source? (2 marks)
  • Metrics used to determine the best route (2 marks)
  1. Give an explanation of each of the commands listed below. Your explanation should include on which host type (e.g. PC, router, switch, etc.) it is used, at which interface mode (prompt) you would need, and what it does when it is entered.
  • copy running-config startup-config (4 marks)
  • show ip route (3 marks)
  • switchport mode trunk (3 marks)

Word Count: 1255

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